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Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Realize cost improvements. Reach your performance potential. Get to market quicker. An experienced resource for high-precision custom plastic injection molding and contract manufacturing, we offer comprehensive mold design, prototyping, engineering, production, and assembly services.

We offer a full range of custom plastic injection molding capabilities


Achieve big goals
Large press injection molding

With presses ranging up to 1,500 tons and redundant capabilities for the scalable production of parts in the millions, our facilities are specially equipped and designed to handle your large orders from start to finish.


Optimize your short-run projects
Short run plastic molding

Our quick-mold-change system, proprietary batch molding procedures, and inventory of more than 800 molds provide customers with economical short-run projects with exceptional just-in-time delivery to keep your projects moving.


The difference is clear
Clear plastics injection molding

Get lens-grade parts with reduced weld lines. From drinkware and lighting to critical lens-grade parts for the defense industry, we provide the high-quality, flawless parts your customers demand with lens-quality polymers that are contaminant-free.


Defend your bottom line
FFL plastic injection molding

Accelerate production and lower per-part costs for your firearms programs. Our breadth of custom plastic injection molding capabilities and in-house expertise enable us to produce stronger, lightweight components using a range of polymers.


Accuracy to satisfy customer demands
Tight Tolerance injection molding

Meet extremely tight tolerances and provide precise parts for your customers. We use the industry's most accurate plastic injection molding machines and technologies to meet your exacting specifications and those of your customers.


High-precision parts in small runs
3D printing small plastic parts

Win with small runs. A faster alternative to injection molding, our state-of-the-art 3D printing capabilities produce precise, high-quality end-use parts with properties comparable to plastic injection molding in small production runs.

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