Accuracy in custom plastic injection molding that meets tight-tolerance demands

Tight tolerance plastic injection molding


Accuracy to satisfy customer demands

Meet the precision expectations of your customers. We use the most advanced custom plastic injection molding machines to achieve the extremely tight tolerances required in many industries, including aerospace, medical, military, industrial, technology, and consumer.

Tight tolerance plastic frame components

In alignment with your goals

Science that reaches your injection molding goals. Using decoupled scientific molding practices, we are much more precise in the manufacturing of complex and critical-use injection-molded parts. We have experience with thermal and fluid dynamics to maintain shot consistency and accuracy.

  • RJG Master Molder certification
  • Greater production control
  • Repeatable production process

Achieving ultra-precision injection molding

State-of-the-art equipment for artful parts. Beyond mold design and press tonnage, we consider other factors to create highly precise parts. We have centralized drying systems that dry even the most difficult resins; we use all-electric molding machines to achieve repeatability within microns; and our manufacturing plants use advanced HVAC systems to maintain environmental temperatures in a controlled range of 68 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit and a dew point below 58 degrees F.

Plastic overmolded gear parts
Assembly of injection molded parts
Plastic molded interlocking parts

Let's discuss your product goals and how our in-house expertise can help you.

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