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Automotive plastics


Pushing the boundaries of what is possible

Achieve custom plastic injection molding solutions that boost business performance. Improve the quality of parts and obtain more precise dimensions. For automotive OEMs, Tier 1, and Tier 2 suppliers, we custom-engineer solutions that offer cost and performance benefits while accelerating production timelines.

Automotive plastics speed

The need for speed

Well-suited for the high-volume, high-quality demands of the automotive industry, our custom plastic injection molding equipment and processes produce tight-tolerance parts quickly and efficiently.

  • Instrument panel components
  • Acrylic lens
  • Interior bezels
  • Shifter knobs and assemblies
  • Keyless entry housings
  • Back lighting controls and buttons
  • Insert-molded spacer blocks
  • Door handle components
  • Sunroof components and assemblies
Automotive plastics electrical

Thermally and electrically conductive plastics

Critical applications. Fuel systems and other applications have static and thermal decay specifications that must be met. For those who depend on exceeding these specifications, our systems and processes are designed to control hydrolysis and oxidation; minimize the effects of processing on degradation of the "wetting" process that binds conductive materials like stainless steel and carbon fibers to the underlying polymer; and maximize conductive properties.

Learn how our expertise and processes can benefit your automotive application.

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