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Thunderbird Molding – Shelbyville

A family-founded business in Shelbyville, Indiana, Thunderbird Molding – Shelbyville offers a diverse set of custom plastic injection molding capabilities. Skilled teams with more than 40 years of knowledge and experience in multiple industries manufacture both proprietary and custom injection-molded products, provide value-added assembly services, and digital and screen printing. Our facility's injection molding machines range from 150 to 950 tons.

Thanks to our decades of superior service, customers count on us for on-time delivery, loyalty, and expertise. We are proud of our local, tight-knit family work culture that translates to deep customer relationships and quick-response communications nationwide.

Shelbyville Facility Injection Molding

Thunderbird Molding – Shelbyville

2201 E. Michigan Road
Shelbyville, IN 46176


Formerly known as:

Impact Molding Shelbyville

Williams Plastics LLC

Williams Industries

Founded in 1945

Facility constructed in 1960

Injection molding since mid-1970s

Joined Thunderbird: 2014

Shelbyville Facility Label Press
Shelbyville Facility Injection Molding
Shelbyville Facility Automation
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