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Thunderbird Molding – Clearwater

Thunderbird Molding – Clearwater is deeply experienced with a wide range of mold types, including prototype and pre-production runs, multi-unity dies, hot runners and valve gates. All of our molds are built to Society of the Plastics Industry (now the Plastics Industry Association) specifications, with dedicated engineering resources and design tools on the front end. We accept program tool transfers to our facility.

Our custom plastic injection molding teams deliver value at both low- and high-volume production rates. Most secondary operations are performed during the molding cycle at no additional cost. We run three eight-hour shifts Monday through Friday. Our facility includes 20 top-brand injection machines ranging from 25 tons to 440 tons.

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Thunderbird Molding – Clearwater

2050 Sunnydale Blvd.
Clearwater, FL 33765


Formerly known as:

Tuthill Plastics

Hansen Plastics

Founded in 1968

Joined Thunderbird: 2020

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