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Specialty plastics


Injection molding for agricultural equipment, building components, consumer products

Serving your niche. Whatever your need, we can help you make it better through custom plastic injection-molded parts. Our multiple facilities have the experience and versatility to make molded parts for a wide range of markets, industries, and applications. Bring us your challenges. We're ready to help you improve.

Specialty plastic components

Cultivating relationships to better meet your parts demands

Often, our teams meet with customers to gain crucial knowledge about their processes and assembly that allows us to improve our part production processes and services. As part of the Thunderbird family of companies, we have greater resources and operational support to better serve customers.

We bring a depth of knowledge that enables efficient custom plastic injection molding of parts for a wide range of specialty applications. We're happy to discuss your project challenges with you and share examples of our success.

Learn how we can support your special application.

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