Large-tonnage machines for big custom plastic injection molding projects

LARGE Press injection molding


Turn big ideas into big parts with our large–tonnage machines

To provide your large plastic parts, we focus on the smallest of details. We achieve precise measurements with our large-tonnage presses to ensure your part's form, fit, and function meet expectations. With custom plastic injection molding presses ranging up to 1,500 tons of clamp and over 50 types of resins to choose from, our facilities are specially equipped and designed to handle your large orders from start to finish.

Large press injection molding machine

Engineering expertise for large parts

Thunderbird Molding has the engineering expertise to meet the challenges of producing larger parts. To ensure the success of your finished large parts, our engineers work with you on the right design, the right materials and resins, and the right press to prevent costly freeze-offs and short shots. We engineer molds to complete your custom plastic injection molding project on time, reduce your costs, increase your parts quality, and optimize performance.

  • Consumer markets
  • Medical devices
  • Industrial
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Transportation
  • Technology

Find out how you can benefit from our large press molding processes.

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