Custom plastic injection molding | Thunderbird Molding – Elkhart, Indiana

Thunderbird Molding – Elkhart

Located in the heart of Elkhart, Indiana's industrial parks, Thunderbird Molding – Elkhart specializes in tight-tolerance, highly aesthetic parts. The facility's injection molding machines range from 85 to 500 tons, with two 85-ton vertical presses. In-house tooling expertise with an expansive injection-molding tool room on-site.

To provide exceptionally precise components and assemblies for our customers, we offer extensive skills in insert molding and over molding. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience working with high-temperature specialty resins such as PEEK and ULTEM™. Our facility utilizes a closed-loop water system with temperature-controlled treated water that aids in precision molding and minimizes rust and corrosion in tools. Our injection-molding capabilities are backed by a deeply experienced engineering department.

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