Custom plastic injection molding | Thunderbird Molding – Greensboro, North Carolina

Thunderbird Molding – Greensboro

A responsive partner for contract custom plastic injection molding, Thunderbird Molding – Greensboro provides medical device and medical components manufacturing expertise. Our team provides an engineered approach to meeting your needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

In our expansive facility, we have a Class 7, ISO-compliant, FDA-registered clean room with four all-electric injection-molding machines and assembly services. We excel on small to very large run sizes utilizing our 41 injection-molding machines that range from 40 tons to 1,550 tons. Our secondary operations include assembly, decorating, etc. We also specialize in 3D printing on state-of-the-art Carbon M3 3D printers for prototyping, bridge production, and full production.

Greensboro Facility Faro Arm Quality Testing
Greenboro Facility Mold Overhead Crane
Greenboro Facility Medical Cups
Greensboro Facility ENGEL Machines
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