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FFL plastic injection molding expertise


Firearms component manufacturing that defends your bottom line

Advanced firearms leverage the unique properties of a variety of materials and technologies. We support leading OEMs with the design, engineering, and production of critical, durable components in plastics. Our custom plastic injection molding capabilities streamline and accelerate production, lowering per-part costs for your firearms programs.

FFL plastic injection molding

Reduce costs and accelerate production

Improve your firearms components manufacturing. Together with our sister company Thunderbird Metals, we provide integrated materials solutions that reduce costs and shorten production timelines. Our redundant capabilities allow us to scale production, including over molding and insert molding.

  • Optimize material properties
  • Minimize tooling costs and production
  • Combine metals and plastics components
Plastic molded firearms components

Improve weight-to-strength ratio

Your target is higher-quality firearms components. We back you up with custom plastic injection molding capabilities that produce strong, lightweight components using a range of polymers. Our presses range from 75 tons to 1,500 tons, with redundant capabilities for the scalable production of parts in the millions.

  • Lens-grade parts
  • ITAR registered
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified

Learn how we can add value to your next firearms components project.

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